Our activities in the last 6 months primarily related to:


- the following product markets:

    - Real Estate / Estate Planning
    - Salt

    - Marine
    - Medical device

    - Locomotives
    - General industries


- the following subject-matters:
   - Digitization and data protection (GDPR implementation)

   - R&D, joint development, licensing, technology transfer
   - Plant construction

   - Retrofit and services

   - Distribution

   - Dispute resolutions ("against" parties in Brazil, Switzerland, Vietnam, China)

   - Project finance (incl. SERF, Hermes)
   - Establishment of foreign legal entities and permanent Establishments (Germany, HongKong, Dubai,

    - Compliance (incl. internal investigations, conflict of interests cases, alleged bribery, etc.)


- the following countries:

   - Switzerland, China, US, Poland, Russia, US, Germany, UAE, Japan, UK, Italy, 
     Greece, Ukraine