Corporate Governance matters

We advise clients on all sorts of corporate governance related matters, e.g. implementation of new rules, board and governance structures within corporations, composition and succession planning, fiduciary duties, conflict of interest challenges, stock exchange compliance issues (notifications, management transactions, insider laws, ad hoc publications, etc.), review and update of articles of associations and organizational regulations.



Culture trumps compliance...

We are convinced that compliance - applied correctly - is a huge competitive advantage. We provide compliance risk assessments (incl. ISO 37301 implementations), gap analysis, program definitions (incl. gap closures, program creation), advise on how to effectively provide third party due diligence investigations, assess and improve/advise how to improve policies and procedures and provide trainings (to all levels, including board and top management).


We also advise on subject-matter related topics such as but not limited to anti-trust/competion law, anti-bribery laws, export controls, conflict of interest issues, data protection/privacy matters, etc.