Gerber Legal is a boutique law firm.


We combine strategic and management skills with deep business understanding and sound international legal (incl. major commercial transactions) as well as governance and compliance experience and knowhow.


Our goal is to help our clients turning contract and compliance risks into competitive advantages and to ensure that they maintain state-of-the-art governance structures.


Activities in the 2nd half of 2016 primarily relate to:

- the following product markets:

    - Salt
    - Marine
    - Medical device
    - General industries

- the following subject-matters:
   - Digitalization
   - R&D, joint development, licensing, technology transfer
   - Plant construction

   - Retrofit and services

   - Distribution

   - Dispute resolutions

   - Project finance
   - Establishment of foreign legal entities and permanent Establishments
   - Compliance

- the following countries:

   - Poland, Russia, China, Switzerland, US, Germany, UAE, Japan, UK, Italy, Greece 




Joint Ventures?

Major Contracts?
Dispute resolutions?


We can help.